Wanted. 2m of decent hook-up wire

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#16 Re: Wanted. 2m of decent hook-up wire

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Some stuff I've still got came from Maplin, figure-8 lap screened, one inner white, t'other red.

Something like this I suppose -

I like it because it's lightweight, thin so bends easy, and uncomplicated. You can peel it apart if you want singles.
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#17 Re: Wanted. 2m of decent hook-up wire

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I did have lots of various types, some Belden from memory. A chap on the WD forum used to work for Virgin and was always giving away short reels of coax.
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#18 Re: Wanted. 2m of decent hook-up wire

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Sorry for being rude and not checking this site for replies. I took my eye off the ball after I received some hook-up wire from TimN on the WA forum. I have just logged on to the site for the 1st time since November. Not that I have used it - I have quite severe long-Covid that's lasted c.21 months now!

Thanks for the offers (and Andrew's pm)

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