Welcome to the somewhat bizarre world of Andre Jute!

JUTE ON AMPS Very high-end to very economical DIY tube/valve hi-fi, including horns and more economical point source speakers. Schematics, designs, engineering and metaphysical information. JUTE ON AMPS was described by Hi-Fi News & Record Review as "an unbelievably comprehensive web site" and by John Broskie of TubeCAD fame as "wonderfully well written and reasoned information for the tube audio constructor". Home of the celebrated electronics project The KISS Amp.

CLASSICAL JUKEBOX A few interviews and live reviews from the prizewinning netsite. Reformatting the 6000 CD and 1000 live reviews from the old netsite is impossible, so don't even ask.

THE WRITER'S HOUSE I earn my daily dry crust as a writer. Here you will find a list of my books, extracts from work in progress, sometimes sections from my books for other writers or new articles for other writers, and general reflections on life, literature and the universe. Also home to guest writers Andrew McCoy and Martin Maria Mahon.

OTHER MATTERS ARISING A place for many other interests. Currently home to cycling pieces and photos of great meals I have cooked, between which there is of course a causal relationship which will become clear when I add a piece about the uses of a heart rate monitor. Also a few incidental pieces on my watches, a few photographs of whatever catches the eye and might catch yours.

The entire site is under continuous construction, so bookmark this page.
Started 2 November 2004, last entry 23 August 2009