Disco Antistat and mods

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Disco Antistat and mods

Post by IslandPink » Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:33 pm

I had a loan of the standard Knosti Disco-Antistat a couple of weeks ago and found it pretty good for my needs.
Given I had a backlog of dirty records which I was just playing...because I don't have a machine, and did them by hand ...it was obviously a step up !
However I think it's a nice product, does clean the records well, it packs up into a fairly small space , in the box, so it can be put out of the way, for instance it can go in your valve wardrobe upstairs if there's a bit of space.
I went looking to buy one just now with my birthday money :) , I had a look at the Gen.II version -
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Antistat-Clean ... eration+ii
.. however I was concerned the 2nd-gen one , which is supposed to improve sealing of the clamp against the record label, had a couple of poor reviews for fluid leakage and one guy saying the new seals actually pulled little bits off some labels on a couple of expensive records. Also the handle is a bit flimsy - although nobody said it has broken. Still..
The above reviewer linked to this site though - might be of interest to others out there. I will try this out in a few weeks once I've got clear of a few jobs.
Hence I decided to buy the standard Disco model.
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