AppleTV 4

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Cressy Snr
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AppleTV 4

Post by Cressy Snr » Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:16 pm

Went to the Meadowhall Apple Store yesterday and got myself an AppleTV version 4.
It'll be just my luck that the AppleTV 5 will come out next month :lol:

Passing digital via the HDMI connection to the TV then to the DAC via the TV digital coaxial output, it sounds great and the TV sound, when watching video media is properly synched to the picture. Sound quality is improved over the older model.
Everything comes out at 24 bit 48kHz, so hi-res gets downsampled, but as I have almost no hi-res music, that isn't a problem for me. I had held, off getting one because of the removal of the optical SPDIF output, but surprisingly, I don't miss it.

The visual interface is much improved over my AppleTV version 2, and there is an app store available via the TVOS10 operating system it uses. The BBC iPlayer is particularly good on the AppleTV 4.


I've been needing to upgrade my digital sound since my recent vinyl epiphany. The AppleTV 4, for not much money, has done the trick, giving a lovely analogue quality to my digital music.
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