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I think we all know by now what this section is for.
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andrew Ivimey
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Post by andrew Ivimey » Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:49 pm

It's hard to imagine any reasonable person finding fault with what you say, Ray.

I've been culling 1.3Terror bites of vortexbox down to just over 0.8Tb and there is more to go. Vinyl aside - 0.8Tb is still more than I need to listen too. Life is toooooo short.

And, as I find CDs so cheap generally it is a joy to buy the odd e.g. Furtwanger conducting Ludwig van and, finding it a waste of money (imho) cast it into the bottomless pit that is my local Cancer Relief.Org charity shop, whereas through gritted teeth I find that Herbert von K is pretty good, lively, anyway and my favourite remains George Solti with the Chicago Symph.Orch. despit Colin Davis' latest attempts. The same can be said for other pieces of music.

Now, as a proud squeezebox owner I do listen to the 'radio' occasionaly, just idling away, as if running my hand in the stream, as the punt moves slowly on down the river of musical enjoyment. As I understand it though, when streaming, it is all water under the bridge, so to speak, as when its played its played and nothing can bring the music back to listen to a particuar section of the music that needs a closer listen; a whole track, a movement or a few bars here or what the saxophonist is doing to the bass guitarist there. With a CD, vinyl, mp3 or SB I can pause, clunk backwards and play it again. Can this be done with a streamer? I appreciate this can be done with the BBC as 'catch up' but that is for a whole programme n'est-ce pas? and it would still need 'recording' / downloading for a more surgical application?

Now, not only haven't I got the time to seriously enlargen my 'music collection', this happens very slowly these days. I have some sympathy for an assertion that if I didn't have any music then streaming could be welcome.

I also don't have much room in the house for much more 'stuff'. Not only do I not have some dear friend to help me set up e.g. a delightful RPi (raspberry) - on my own; I would not get further than getting it out of the box! If many more wires, boxes and devices appear in Bedford Towers I will be lucky if I were only condemned to the East Wing. I strongly suspect the consequences would be much worse.
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Post by Neal » Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:58 pm

I got into computer audio streaming back in 2004 when the SB mk1 was released so the majority of you are only just catching up! LOL! 😃

Ray brings up a good point about portability, many need to carry music around with them IE in the car. AFAIK not all services allow you to take music with you offline....spotty premium does though which is neat....
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Post by Greg » Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:44 pm

Yep, certainly I am now catching up. My previous post was probably a bit presumptive and as ever in my unintentional style, was presented in an unnecessarily aggressive style. No offence was intended and I acknowledge that several of you have been using computer streaming options for a considerable time and my current experience is new to me and I am reaping the benefits. On reflection I acknowledge it is all 'horses for courses' as every user has a different take on how to make best use of the technology. I now realise I need to respect that.

Nevertheless, surely considering members on this forum, few have to date embrassed this option to source good music and because of my experience I very much advocate exploring it further.
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Post by Nick » Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:45 pm

spotty premium does though which is neat....
Yep, thats why I find Spotify perfectly good for streaming to a mobile. Means I can load up my phone with some music before using it as a source in the car while using the sat nav on the phone at the same time. All plugged into the car's aux input.
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